Huatai News

The Visiting of Officials from Qingyun County

     In October, Hou Youxi,the Secretary of Qingyun County Party Committee, Xu Jian, the county magistrate and the other three entourage came to Huatai Zhonghao Investment Group to attend the exchange meeting.    

     During the meeting, the two parties exchanged views on the history, current situation and developmentof Qingyun County. Mr. Hou said that Qingyun is striving to build a modern industrial cluster including urban complex, which has achieved initial results, furthermore, a large number of projects have been settled inQingyun. This year, Qingyun will implement a range of urban construction projects, such as,the construction ofmunicipal infrastructure, ecological scenic spots, urban complex, large market and the reconstruction of shantytowns, so as to expand the city framework, upgrade the image of the city, optimize the industrial layout and improve people’s living conditions. They hope that Huatai will actively participate in the construction of Qingyun County after in-depth investigation and carry out further cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

   The chairman of Huatai said that Qingyun County boasts of their fresh development concept, scientific planning and orderly development, the arrival of the high-speed railway era has injected great potential to Qingyun. Huatai is full of confidence in the investment to Qingyun and they will seek cooperation opportunities to promote the bilateral cooperation and actively integrate into the city construction and industrial development of Qingyun.