Everyone knows that the most important thing in architecture is the foundation, the person, the enterprise is more so. Any enterprise, if built on a grandiose, nothingness, or under the guise of rhetoric, will not last long.


     The experience of successful companies at home and abroad proves that only those who can innovate and surpass themselves in their success can maintain their longevity.


Investing in China for more than a decade, investment has been expanding from education, real estate and business to other industries... To our delight, in this process, our group has been growing in size and growing assets, all of which have benefited from the selfless dedication of huatai.


     Huatai ZhongHao has the sea the same mind, and that is why there is a mind, made us attracting all of staff and make each swim freely in the sea of huatai ZhongHao staff and inspire each person's greatest development potential. Huatai zhonghao is also a stage to realize the dream of life. He not only encourages everyone to have a "hundred flowers and flowers", but also has the same capacity and self-net capacity as the sea.


     In face due to the economic development, represented by oil, coal consumption of fossil energy mass caused by the planet are continuous worsening pollution, emissions continue to rise, warmer winters of heightened reality, we continued to be stronger real estate, education, the main business at the same time, choose new energy industry as the direction of the company focus on developing, for the government to energy conservation and emissions reduction, reduce pollution uncomplainingly, to the society to provide a clean green power supply for the enterprise responsibility, to fine management mode to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and efficiency of specific measures, and create value for shareholders, feedback to employees. Huatai zhonghao is engaged in a glorious cause, in order to enhance the human culture and the quality of life, always in unremitting efforts to make their own efforts and contributions.


     We know that to be a respected investment company is bound to have a tough road ahead. But we are confident that, on the basis of successful investment in education, real estate and business, we will forge a new brilliance through the joint efforts and efforts of all the Chinese and Chinese people.


     Huatai zhonghao is willing to join with friends from all walks of life into the sea of society, and huatai zhonghao is willing to integrate with society into a harmonious society, co-prosperity and common development.