New energy
(1)  director of wind resources development
1)organize regional wind power development project plan and implement the work target set by the company;
2)to organize the construction of regional project development management system and guide the implementation;
3)to be responsible for the maintenance of external relations such as provincial and municipal government departments and partners related to the development of local projects;
4)to guide the project development of the department and complete the approval of supporting documents according to the time required by the company;
5)support the related work of functional departments in regional projects, and assist in coordinating the relationship between local government departments;
6)keep track of industry information, national wind power policies and local special preferential policies, timely propose solutions and grasp the direction of project development;
7)collect, study and analyze the investment decisions and investment effects of wind farms, draw lessons from experience and expand the development thinking of the development department;
8)analyze and propose regional wind power development and development plans, and assist in the implementation of planning; According to the department's annual development plan, formulate detailed implementation rules, and organize the implementation;
9)track the progress of development and approval of various purposes; To organize the implementation of the project development system; Carry out project development according to regional development schedule;
10)area of wind resources information collection, grid access information and the investment environment, on-the-spot investigation, obtains the developing area is accurate, detailed information, draft letter of intent for project development agreement.
1)at least 8 years of relevant working experience, including more than 3 years' management experience;
2)rich experience in wind power field;
3)experience in macro and micro location of wind farms is preferred;
4)have certain communication and coordination skills, and have experience in government relationship maintenance.
Job responsibilities:
1)to be responsible for the review and approval of the budget, project final accounts and on-site engineering quantity changes of the project;
2)the technical and economic evaluation of the bidding technology for the project and the negotiation of technical and economic indicators of the contractor;
3)to review the requirements of the feasibility study budget of the project design institute and to formulate control measures;
4)responsible for the contract signing of the project and the whole process of contract management;
5)to be responsible for the review and approval of on-site engineering quantity changes;
6)responsible for the final settlement and related acceptance of the project.
1)bachelor degree or above, majoring in engineering or engineering technology economy management engaged in more than five years in power engineering construction project management, engineers and above titles, there are national registered cost engineer is preferred, involved to undertake the whole process of new energy projects construction, construction management experience is preferred;
2)of electric power engineering project design, construction, installation, debugging and acceptance management has a rich technical and economic management and practice experience, familiar with the industry technology economic budget of the investment control and calculation of quantities and final accounts of the business;
3)proficient in the general budget preparation software and industry regulations of the industry;
4)master the feasibility study design, construction design, installation and debugging of project cost indicators and cost control measures of new energy projects, especially scenic projects;
5)have experience in the negotiation of project bidding contract, familiar with the construction quotation composition and equipment cost market of the general contracting and sub-contracting of the industry.