Preschool education of Huatai Zhonghao Investment Group is leading in the circle, working onconstantly improving the management system, step-by-step workflow and system innovation, professional and rigorous curriculum guidance in the last 10 years.


Social Honors:

Achieved‘The Awarded of 5-star Nursery School’ issued by Taiyuan City Education Bureau;

Achieved ‘Preschool education advanced unit’, ‘National Non-government Schools Quality Guarantee Demonstration Unit’, ‘ the 5th Session of the National Art Education Organization Achievement Unit’ issued by China’s Private Education Development Research Center,China’s Council - Private Education Institution;

Achieved Provincial honors, such as, ‘Shanxi Province Outstanding Private Nursery’, ‘Civilization Unit of Education Department’, ‘Sympathized the victims of the disaster and caring’.

Achieved ‘Taiyuan Excellent Non-Government Nursery’ issued by Taiyuan Education Bureau,and other municipal honors, such as,‘Taiyuan Advanced Private Education Preschool Institutions’, ‘The highest Social Responsibility Education Institutions’, ‘New Curriculum Innovation Award’ etc.