Corporate Culture


Huatai Zhonghao is committed to provide the highest quality of education, housing and energy to the society.



Organization is working to maximize the social needs and clients’ satisfaction and operating based on low cost, high efficiency and high quality.


Overall strategy:

Robust expansion, benign progress.


Operation Principle:

To increase the value for the clients and the society while realizing the sustainable development for enterprise and employees.

Management Principle:

Systematization and standardization of operation, the right man in the right place and just as the best force.

Enterprise Spirit:

Loyalty, Profession, Cooperation, Credibility and Efficiency; Solidarity, Innovation to beyond ourselves.


Enterprise Objective:

Alliance: profit and respect;
Consumer: satisfaction in products and services;
Shareholders: substantial dividends and rewards;
Stakeholders: actual benefit and self-development;
Enterprise: sustainable progression and growth;
Society: considerable wealth and value.


Enterprise Values:

Human value prior to the object value, team value prior to the individual value; consumer value prior to the product value; social value prior to enterprise value.