Industry Dynamic

Industry Dynamic

    Industry Dynamic - Online Education Industry Becoming a Hot Spot ofInvestment, 8 Concept Stocks Hig...2014-03-12

    The recent news of giant companies entering the online education industry has been frequently spread. This has also made the online education concept stocks in the A-share market continue to receive market attention and become a beautiful landscape in the A-share shock adjustment.

    Industry Dynamic - The Investment Boom of Online Education2014-03-12

    It is estimated that the business opportunities in the global online education market will reach US$21 billionby 2016.

    Industry Dynamic - The Importance of Business Model in the Investment of Education Industry2014-03-12

    Even with the global financial turmoil and economic downturn, the education industry in 2008 continue to be favored by investment institutions because of its good cash flow and immune to economic cycles. and continuous economic growth was continues to . The amount of investment in 2008 has increased by 45.76% compared with that of 2007. The released“The Annual Investment Report on China's Education Industry of 2008”, according to the Vocational education to obtain the maximum amount of investment, financing, total about $100 million, accounting for 48% of the total amount of education tra...

    Industry Dynamic - The overseas tide of overseas mergers and acquisitions by national companies wan...2014-03-12

    Foreign media claim that China and other Asian countries seeking to protect their growing food needs in society are nothing new. However, China is no longer just wanting to be a buyer, but has already purchased the Dutch Nydra Group, a global agricultural product and commodity trading group, which is sold to more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

    Industry Dynamic - Private Banks have been able to accelerate capital or set off a wave of investme...2014-03-12

    the national two sessions are in full swing, and any wind blowing on the subject of reform will affect the hearts of the whole nation. Yesterday, the deputy governor of the central bank, pan gongsheng, suggested in his proposal that the pilot conditions for private Banks are basically in place and that pilot work should be started as soon as possible.

    Industry Dynamic - GEM refinancing method will be launched soon2014-03-12

    On behalf of the China Securities Journal reporters, the National People's Congress deputy and general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Song Liping said on the 9th that the refinancing and delisting system of the GEM was formed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Basically completed, it will be launched soon. For the specific launch time, Song Liping repeatedly said: "It will be very soon, the specific time is not easy to say."

    Industry Dynamic - The risk of two financial business2014-03-12

    In short, when brokerage companies rush around to scale up and speed up, they must not only actively play the role of capital intermediary, serve customer needs, improve customer stickiness, but also reasonably control the potential risks existing in the financial business.

    Industry Dynamic - The most important thing in investing2014-03-12

    Howard Marks founded Oaktree Capital in 1995, managing $76 billion in capital, mainly investing in high-yield bonds, bad debt, and private equity. He has been writing investment memos to clients since 1990. From the memorandum he wrote, we can find the most important thing in his investment.

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